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Snype the Sableye

Snype continued to look around the area for anyone out of place on top of the Ancients heads humorously. They didn't even seem to care. His ears twitched when he heard a noise. With Detect active, his senses were heightened. He caught a glimpse of a Sneasel not too far. A very familiar one at that... was he part of the Gold tribe? In a sense, maybe... Snype simply stared at where the thieves were hiding. He wasn't alone. Going right up to him would be dumb of him. So Snype decided to play around with the thieves. Who'd think there were some survivors? Guess now they figured him as a traitor among thieves. He bailed before the Silver Tribe killed them all and even assisted the Silver Tribe with his own scouting. He had to start somewhere. The ancients were oblivious of the scouts. They were focused on the upcoming war.

Snype hopped down and gave a large smile toward the hiding Sneasel. He had time to play some mind games. Maybe feed some false information.

"...Kehe! And here I thought I was the only one who made it out! Aren't you a sight for sore eyes... uh... whatever your name was. What was it, Cheese or something?" Snype taunted.

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