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Going pretty smoothly so far...Nuzlockes are always so nerve wracking!

Viridian City, Flygon, Fainted
Route 9, Kirlia, Teleported away!
Diglett's Cave, Teddiursa/Roosevelt, Caught
Route 6, Umbreon/Umm Bro?, Caught
Route 11, Beldum, Fainted/Ran out of Pokeballs
Route 5, Sableye, Fainted
Vermilion City, Parasect, Fainted
Route 10, Porygon/.jpeg, Caught
Rock Tunnel, Gligar/Ravioli, Caught
Route 8, Girafarig/Kemosabe, Caught
Route 7, Magikarp, Fainted
Celadon City, Eevee/Waffles, Gift
Pokemon Tower, Latias, Fainted

-DHL fainted trying to catch a Teddiursa, who went on to be Roosevelt.
-Psykick fainted while switching out to a Hitmonchan that knew Pursuit.
-Tesla fainted to Gary's Raticate, only problem on SS Anne was that.
-Lt. Surge met Umm Bro? and his Dig!
-Poor judgement caused .jpeg to faint in Rock Tunnel.
-Umm Bro? fainted to a Sneaky Magnitude whilst mid-Dig. Noooo
-Gnasherr fainted to a surprise Mega Punch from Giovanni's Kangaskhan.
-Waffles is now a Flareon!
-Erika didn't know what hit her!

Current Team:

Pick Up
Level 28 | Hardy

Scratch, Leer, Cut, Faint Attack

Flash Fire
Level 28 | Impish

Helping Hand, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Growl

Level 28 | Serious

Shock Wave, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Growl

Hyper Cutter
Level 29 | Hasty

Aerial Ace, Faint Attack, Quick Attack, Sand Attack

Early Bird
Level 29 | Lax

Stomp, Astonish, Confusion, Odour Sleuth


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FireRed, Crystal, Sapphire,
Diamond 0/8, White, X

The Ones that Got Away: 1/16

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