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Originally Posted by FL . View Post
Acrobat has the same effect than Revenge. Like I said in the Read me, all moves with effect introduced in Gen IV/V are modified, some have similar effects, others just have more chance of critical hit.
Even so, I think it is still too weak as it is a Super effective and Infernape have pretty good Atk
Originally Posted by audinowho View Post
I just picked this one up a few days ago, and I haven't been able to put it down. Very nice job on this game. Convenient that I just arrived for the anti-lag update too. X3

So I'm guessing that the legendaries are going to appear in this game at somepoint, right? Since this isn't a typical badge adventure, I have no idea when I should expect some secrets, but rank 15 and not a single "legendary event" is starting to make me suspicous...
It start at Rank 16 mate
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