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Sounds cool, definitely joining!

One question though:
If it's entertaining enough, I will do this challenge for each generation, but it will all be on hacks such as FireRed Omega or StormSilver where you can get every Pokémon from previous generations. Since the in-game Pokédex on those games are national from the beginning, does that mean I'll have to count from the national dex each time? That would give me the same Pokémon every time on slot 1-2. It would be better if I counted depending on generation, so even if I played a Gen 3 hack, I'd go from the regional dex from Gen 3.

Name: Chevitile
Game: FireRed Omega

1. 3 + 18 + 97 = 118, giving me Goldeen -> Seaking.
2. 18 x 1 = 18, giving me Pidgeot.
3. 3 x 1 x 1 = 3, giving me Blastoise.
4. I was born in March, so I'm picking Breloom.
5. I get to pick a yellow Pokémon, and my choice is Ninetales.
6. First encounter on Route 3.

Hopefully I did the math right...
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