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    Hmm, I'm gonna start this.

    Username: 90FC3C
    Game: HeartGold
    Optional Rules: Nicknames

    Edit: I has my first update. My game crashed the first time I tried it (a shame, I was doing well) and I got my ass handed to me early on the second time, but I'm not doing too badly the third time.

    9/10/13 - Day 1
    Started my adventure.
    The starter Pokémon are... Goldeen. Dugtrio. Dialga.
    Hmm. I think I know what I'll pick.
    Feeling uninspired, I nicknamed my new Dialga "Fluffy."
    First Pokémon on Route 29 is a Poliwhirl. However, I don't have any balls yet so I say that doesn't count.
    Oh my god I faced another Dialga on Route 30.
    By the way, I randomized trainer names. My randomized rival's name in the first battle is Tamer Donna, and he/she has a Jigglypuff.
    I named my rival Han because it's an in-joke in another forum I'm on.
    Okay, now that I have balls, my first Pokémon on Route 29 is a Magnemite.
    And I caught it. Piece of cake.
    I named it the very mature name of DICKS.
    First Pokémon on Route 30 is Wooper. Caught it with no problem. Named it CATERPIE for some reason.
    Youngter Joey has been renamed Chef Chloe.
    First Route 31 Pokémon is Chansey. Unfortunately, I one-shotted it.
    Got to Violet City. I'm gonna stop now and grind my other Pokémon a bit tomorrow before heading off towards the next city.

    Current party:
    Fluffy (Dialga) lv.9
    DICKS (Magnemite) lv.3
    CATERPIE (Wooper) lv.4

    edit: Update 2:

    9/11/13 - Day 2
    Started from the end of Route 31. Apparently it didn't save in Violet City itself. It's not like I had done anything there though.
    What the ****? The sprite graphics glitched upon entering the Ruins of Alph.
    ...And now the game won't render anything 3D at all. My emulator doesn't seem to like the area around Route 36. Reset time!
    This time there's only a little glitching going on in the Ruins of Alph. I wonder how long it'll be before a crash.
    Encountered a Wobbuffet in the Ruins of Alph. Failed to catch.
    Fluffy learned AncientPower.
    I caught a Wobbuffet so that Destiny Bond wouldn't kill DICKS. Will release.
    Chef Joey called me about a wild BURMY. I love these randomized trainer class names.
    Thankfully I managed to get out of the Ruins of Alph and back into Violet City without the game imploding.
    Released the Wobbuffet that I shouldn't have caught, and saved in case the game kills itself again.
    Encountered a Magikarp at Sprout Tower. Caught it and named it "dammit why"
    DICKS Learned Thundershock. Finally, it knows something decent.
    Got through all of the trainers in Sprout Tower, and I'm gonna end there for today.

    Current party:
    Fluffy (Dialga) lv.12
    DICKS (Magnemite) lv.10
    CATERPIE (Wooper) lv.4
    dammit why (Magikarp) lv.6