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    Originally Posted by PokemonComposer View Post
    I used MusicBox soundfont. I've got Soudblaster Live Card. It's not even official supported in Windows 7. I had to download modified drives and still it's not playing even loud enough to cover my headphones needs(bug in drivers). When it's possible I'm using ASIO4ALL and it's working generally ok, still I have to use low-samples settings when it comes to VST real-time recording.

    I'm also using Mixcraft as a Midi Editor and Midi Recorder, because it's software the most similiar to GarageBand, which I'm sometimes using on iOS.
    Wow! A live! I remember loving its built-in MIDI synth back in the day. Honestly though, get a modern sound card . A good compromise between games, sound quality, and price is the ASUS Xonar DX. Seriously, if you can afford $70-$80, then get it. It has native ASIO support, 7.1 channels through 4 analog plugs, or a single optical cable, 116db SNR (signal-to-noise ratio in case you don't know which I'm sure you do lol). It's pretty clean sounding, a hell of a lot more than my audigy 2 that I upgraded from. I'd imagine it'd be a bigger difference from a SB Live.

    Now if you're worried about MIDI soundfont configuration, get 'BASSMIDI driver'. It's a MIDI soundfont configuration utility for all versions of windows that overrides the default barf inducing windows soundfont. It's what I use to assign my Pokemon soundfont. And it does support all the MIDI Controller codes. It only loads .SF2 files though.