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Plains of Valkaria - Scouting positions ahead of the armies

Ches placed his body further toward the rock, appearing to be hugging it tightly as to avoid any detection. Yet to his dismay, the Sableye quickly hopped up to his location and made out the hiding Sneasel. Ches backed away quickly, facing Snype while moving back on his behind, arms and legs. Ches looked down toward the area where Ancient were present. So far, they didn't appear to notice his presence, or Snype talking to him for that matter either. How long would it be before Snype alerts them and all hell breaks loose?

"I-it's Ches, y-your traitor!" The Sneasel stuttered out. He wanted to put on a brave face, despite his predicament, though he wasn't doing a very good job. He moved his eyes around, making a quick check to see where the others were, but he couldn't pick them up, meaning they had already fell back, or they were hiding. "And n-no thanks to you! They killed everyone because you helped them in!"

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