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So he was aware... the thieves were very perceptive. He could see that Ches was afraid of the Sableye. That made it more fun for Snype. Indeed, Snype did give directions through the thieves forest... it was the least he could do after all! Snype gave a snicker and decided to mess with the Sneasel more.

"Yeah yeah whatever you say Chad. I just saw an opportunity and took it! The thieves wanted to take out the Gold Tribe and here we were, staying put. Kehehe... I stuck with the Silver Tribe, took out whatever weak souls decided to stay behind and here I am! Full fledged Sentinel with the Gold Tribe in our sights! It's not so bad on this side! Kehehe..." Snype said as he walked closer to the Sneasel, preparing Detect just incase.

"You look so afraid... whats wrong? Afraid of what I might do? Comon humor me Chaz." He teased.

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