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Originally Posted by Ssj3 Pikachu View Post
So if i want to do this challenge i can only cheat 1 regional pokedex pokemon in and 1 if i cannot obtain it before gym #2?

Also, when using a legendary after the 7th gym, does it have to start as an egg / low level at that point?
For the regional pokemon, it must not be available in your particular game - version exclusive in the best example of this.

Hacking/Trading a Pokemon (egg if possible) in before the second gym is possible only if there are no Pokemon of your color available before the second gym. Must be a regional one as well.

Both these rules can be included if your game and color qualifies.

Here are three examples of how these rules can be used, with the example of playing the Black color in the Hoenn region, which has three possible games - Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

  1. If you are playing Sapphire, there are no black Pokémon before the second gym, so you can hack/trade in a low level or egg of a Hoenn dex Pokemon at the start of your game. You can also then trade/hack in a Mawile (egg preferred) as well, since it is only in Ruby or Emerald.
  2. If you are playing Ruby, you can't hack in a Pokémon at the start since Mawile is available in Granite Cave before the second gym. You can hack/trade in a Seviper though, since it is exclusive to Sapphire/Emerald.
  3. If you are playing Emerald, you can hack in a regional dex Pokemon at the start since Mawile has now been moved to Victory Road only, but there are no version exlusives to hack in.

Make sense? Glad I was able to find a color and region that would allow for all three examples!

As for your last question, Legendaries must be caught normally in your game, and only the ones listed - i.e. Zapdos in Kanto is caught at L50, but cannot become a member of your team until you have 7 badges.

Hope this post clears it all up! Thanks for asking, I get sad when people don't understand the rules and play a game, and I have to disqualify them.
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