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Originally Posted by DarkDoom3000 View Post
Bumbitity bumb bumb. Just started working on vanish encounter now. jasmine gym completed. doing some testing,

and fixing a lot of the wild encounters. especially in regards to night mode. Earlier parts of the game now carry much higher leveled pokemon when traversed at night,(eg: route 2 has nidorans at day, but nidorinos at night) and in general, night mode will weild higher level pokemon.
can't wait any more for this update, its gunna be awesome - also, taking a page outta my book, eh?
its still a smart idea to have high level pokemon at night (especially since its activated so late in the game) what will the next update hold?
(aside from cleaned up bugs and such) will there be another hypervisor fight? or two? or none D: (instead replaced with that mine thing you removed due to dragons XP)

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