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    Heh, indeed.

    Next update [0.73] will go up to the end of chapter 4 (which only halfway on the current version)
    So additions will be jasmine's gym, luna forest, rival battle 4, mors village, cave of the dammed, and battling the 2nd hypervisor. Vanish_23, who hasn't actually been in any previous versions.

    additional corrupted pokemon will include: bulbasaur, squirtle, mankey, lotad, seedot, exeggcute, houndour, hoothoot, gastly, duskull/shuppet.
    *a couple of them might not make it depending on timing.

    Plus some additional refining pages, psychic, flying, probably rock and fighting too if i have time.

    Newgame+ will make it's glorious return, and you'll finally be able to shinify a few more pokemon

    Decently big update. basically getting the game to a solid state at which I can convert it into Demo 7b and start "publicizing" it more.
    Version 0.753 is out
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