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    Zephyr "Rider" Blitz

    I smirked when Maya inquired of my plans for the moment. She digs me. She wants me. I laughed and crossed my hands behind my neck in a rogue-ish fashion. "Well, madame, I was planning on taking down a crime ring...Buuuut," I decided to draw out the 'but', to make it seem like I was reluctant. "I suppose I could make room for you." I gave her a roguishly handsome smile and looked around. "I'm done with the tournament for now, so maybe we could talk strategy over some lunch, dinner, or a drink?" I winked at the obvious impliment that I was asking her on a date. "After all, I can't assume a lovely lady such as yourself has any plans." I began to look her over. She truly WAS a fine, fine lady. "Besides, I think a handsome man such as myself deserves a spot in your company." Sure, I was a bit arrogant, but I think I have every reason to be! I'm devilishly handsome, lucky, and skilled. 'Nuff said.
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