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I really adore Larvitar. <3 It was one of the cutest Pokemon in the second generation and one of my personal favorite ground types. Tyranitar always made Elite Four challenges super easy, haha. And hey, you can let us know your favorite/least favorite mega evolutions as well as what ones others prefer by going to this thread! It'll be a great place to stop by so check that out and cast a vote. Design-wise, my current favorites are Mega Blaziken, Mega Absol, and Mega Charizard. :) But I'm going to need some time to get used to mega evolutions.. they're awesome but totally not what I expected.

As for your question: you can subscribe to a thread by going to Thread Tools and then clicking Subscribe to Thread. Great way to keep up-to-date with all the replies, though you can always bookmark a topic and the like too. You'll find plenty to discuss here and lots of great people to meet, so stick around! Welcome to PokeCommunity! You're going to fit in excellently and as HackDeoxys said, let us know if you need anything. :D (The moderators are always here to help!)

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