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Plains of Valkaria - Scouting positions ahead of the armies

Ches shook his head, backing up even further away from the Sentinel. "It wasn't about taking out the Golds. It never was. You never got that." He backed up even further, but found behind him to be nothing but rock. He was stuck now, at a corner. "Roswell had a good thing going, taking care of us. We had our place that no one could find, and even the Golds weren't layin' on the pressure as much. Then they, and ruined everythin'. Everythin'! Now look at us!"

The closer the Sableye got, the further Ches tried to get. "I-it's Ches!" He said as bravely as he could. "And I'm no idiot, I heard what you do for them now. But I ain't givin' you no ideas." He crossed his arms, trying to look away as if he didn't care what happened next. If it was going to be the end of him, he wasn't going out running like the rest of the thieves in the forest. Besides, he didn't think he'd be able to move his feet even if he tried. He seemed frozen in place.

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