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    September 2, 2013

    Dream World: Conkeldurr. Found: nothing new; Castform that knows Ominous Wind.
    Dream World 2: Solrock. Found: female Pawniard with the ability Pressure.

    I got to relax a bit on a lazy Labor Day, and got to explore Humilau City a bit. And interesting city that reminds me somewhat of Pacifidlog Town from back in Hoenn, the buildings are built on platforms over the water. The spirit of the city is very much like what I experienced when I was in Hawaii. Or, at least that’s the only place I ever heard the expression “shoots” used the way they use it. I was noticing the wild Pokémon that was found in the water under the city, and I saw Corsola among the other Unova Pokémon! It took a little bit of time and patience, but I was able to finally find was that I managed to catch.

    “Corsola, the Coral Pokémon. Corsola live in the clean seas of the south. They apparently can’t live in polluted water, as their coral branches lose their color and deteriorate in dirty water.”

    261. Corsola

    Corsola got sent to the professor since I already had six Pokémon. I did also run into Hugh, who said he was planning on challenging the Pokémon gym here in the city. I decided I would do the same, so time to do some training so I can win my final badge. Even better, is that it’s a gym that I did not challenge on my first journey through Unova!

    September 3, 2013

    I decided to do some training just to the west of Humilau City, which opens onto Route 22. It’s exciting that even after two years there are still new areas for me to explore in Unova! The first Pokémon trainer I met on the route challenged me to a battle that was quite ironic. The two Pokémon he used were Starmie and Drapion, which was the evolved form of the two Pokémon I chose to battle with. It showed me that I still have a lot of training to do. However, meeting its evolved form must have inspired it, because not long after that, my Skorupi evolved into a Drapion!

    262. Drapion

    My team was battling many wild Pokémon, and eventually I came across an unexpected surprise. I found a Pokémon that I don’t think I’ve ever caught before. It was a wild Delibird! I couldn’t pass up this opportunity, so I weakened it quickly, and managed to catch it after tossing a few Poké Balls. I really don’t think I caught one before; maybe back when I travelled in the Orre Region, but even then I’m not 100% sure. Pretty cool either way!

    “Delibird, the Delivery Pokémon. Delibird carry food rolled up in their tails all day long. When someone is lost in the mountains, they share that food.”

    263. Delibird

    Delibird was sent to storage for the moment. I continued training the rest of my team. Hugh won his battle against Gym Leader Marlon. I want to challenge the gym by the end of this week!

    September 4, 2013

    Dream World: Throh. Found: nothing new; female Beedrill with the ability Sniper.
    Dream World 2: Absol. Found: nothing new.
    Alola Pokédex: Obtained 172 Seen 187
    Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 89 Seen 94
    Akala Pokédex: Obtained 95 Seen 104
    Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 88 Seen 94