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    Gym Leader Drayden
    Volt White 2(Challenge Mode)

    Bite,Dragon Rage,Headbutt,Work Up

    Phil,Lv.24,Mold Breaker
    Slash,Dragon Rage,Dual Chop,Assurance

    Bounce,Reversal,Dragon Rage,Tackle

    Natsu,Lv 13,Blaze

    After figuring some kinks out on the laptop,found this game's file,and the challenge is back on!
    Was handed a Old Rod on my journey,which let me snag a Magikarp!
    Made it to Virbank City,and was beaten by Roxie the first time....
    Trained Magikarp,it evolved,then I won against her(Thanks Moxie )
    Stopped Plasma Grunts!
    Sailed off to Castelia City.
    Charmander was given to me by a friendly Jester. :D
    Proceeding Training at the moment
    Realizes this is my 100th post,and proceeds to get a cookie as a reward!