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    Like I told you before, CreativeVision, I don't plan out my stories. How I write is I think of an end goal for my characters to end up at, sit back, and write down what they do. Everything comes together much better than anything I have planned, so that's my method of writing and I'm sticking to it.

    Can I admit that my dreams apparently give me clichéd fanfic ideas?

    I had a dream where Giovanni wanted to kidnap a teenage boy whose uncle used to be in Team Rocket but died. The boy had a choice of where he wanted to be in Team Rocket, and he wanted to be a grunt in order to escape easier from Giovanni. But Giovanni kept chasing the boy down, and just before I woke up, the boy was demanding that Giovanni would leave him alone.

    Apparently, the boy was also me because the name of the dead uncle was the same as one of my uncles who died years ago, and I saw everything in the dream from the point of view of the teenage boy.

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