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    I use it to get max IV Pokémon (the norm since Subway and PWT opponents have max IVs), EV training, fast egg hatch, multiple exp for better training, instant shaking grass, and my favorite, the Missingno-style code that gives you 999 of an item in the first slot, because I hate that GF makes evolutionary items hard to obtain.

    The line I draw is to beat the game the first time. After that, AR is free to use. I hope Datel makes one for 3DS because some games could really benefit from it, including Pokémon. I don't think it will ever be possible to make a legal hacked Pokémon in 6th gen, but using EV training codes and multiple exp, items would improve the game experience IMO.

    One thing I hate about the AR DSi, though, is that, since DSi mode isn't hacked, the games are played in DS mode, and, since Pokémon Black and White are DSi-enhanced games, it means they don't use the extra processing power when you're using the AR.

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