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    Info: Sandbox Roleplay currently set in the region of Kanto, you are a new trainer in the "Trainer" rush with plenty of people rushing to become a trainer and battle the elite four but only the best of the best will actually get there and maybe it might be your character, once the Indigo Plateau is defeated the Roleplay will move onto the rest of the Pokemon world even Kalos, join in!

    SU status: Open forever

    Info: Journey Roleplay set in the digital world and on the island called File Island, you are one of the tamers that Tai Kamiya (main character from the tv shows first season) has requested to meet, I have tried to make it as simple as possible so you only need to look at pictures to understand what digimon are what and so on.

    SU Status: Open

    Info: Sandbox Roleplay set in Earthland's region of Fiore (the region that the anime is set in) You are a wizard who has just joined a guild or already is in one, you will complete missions on the bulliten board until a story related quest will pop up.

    SU Status: Nul, not accepted yet.