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Originally Posted by Serene Grace View Post
Skyrim, baby! My Imperial mage character just completed the mage's guild quests, with my awesome Archmage's robes as a prize (not to mention all the alchemy ingredients available in my new quarters!)
Mate, have you met my ??? level (cannot remember it is a ridiculous number) Dunmer on Morrowind, he wrecks everything cause I use the scroll glitch where you level up inf. by using a potion or food or spell that degrades your skills and then go level them up giving you an infinite amount of levels and exp.

Morrowind is alot of fun especially with 80 gigabytes of modifications :D

I am also playing Advance Wars 2 Black Hole Rising since I finished Advance Wars 1 last week.

Fire Emblem on the GBA aswell

Final Fantasy VI(60 on GBA as well

// milo. //