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    Originally Posted by chuckleslucifer View Post
    Yeah it is pretty inhumane but remember these people are an evil group of bad guys, isn't it inhumane or immoral to create a clone of a pokemon i.e. Mewtwo and didnt Team Plasma do something to Genesect.

    Didn't Team Plasma purposely summon Dialga/Palkia/Giratina

    Didn't Team Aqua purposely summon Kyogre

    Didn't Team Magma purposely summon Groudon

    Didn't Team Aqua and Magma indivertedly summon Rayquaza or anger him by doing that.

    They are all very inhumane groups and they deserve more than what the player gives them.
    It was obviously inhumane when Ghetsis forced it, as he was already controlling them against their will. But now that both Kyurem and Zekrom willingly join you, what do they think when you fuse them?
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