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The current puzzle(s) are...

Every week there are going to be new puzzles of all sorts. This area will explain what each puzzle are, as well as the theme that each puzzle will be. Here you will also see the time span in which you are given to complete all puzzles. Remember that the theme correlates with the badge you'll be receiving upon completely the puzzle correctly! Each puzzle does have its separate rules which can be read down in the rules section.

Time Period: Tuesday, September 10th - Tuesday, September 17th 11:59 PM EST

Type: Flying
Looks like all these flying Pokemon are trying to find their evolutions! But they can't do it without your help. What you must do is link their basic form to their next evolution and so forth until the whole evolution line is linked. But there is a catch: no evolution line can cross over with another evolutionary line. So make sure that they don't when you're finished! Once you have made sure PM your answer to none other than BinaryPeaches.

Type: Psychic
The Ice Pokemon decided to be poetic for you all! Each of these rhymes each describe an Ice Pokemon. It's up to you to figure out which Ice Pokemon each rhyme represents and send in your answer to BinaryPeaches


There will be a few sets of rules. First will be the general puzzle rules, then the rules that correspond to each puzzle that you are to complete. Regardless of this, there aren't very many rules you need to follow (basically, it's common sense).


  • Everything must be correct in order to receive your badge
  • You may only send in your answers once (with exceptions) so please make sure everything is correct before sending in your answers
  • Answers are to be PMed to BinaryPeaches. Otherwise it will not be counted*
  • If there are multiple puzzles please put all answers to all puzzles in one PM. It will make things easier to go through. However, if you only wish to answer one puzzle feel free to do that as well.
  • Please title your PM in a way that I will know it is for the league. Something as simple as PokeTrivia League Answers will suffice
  • Please don't give your answers to anyone else. We're doing the trust thing here ok
  • Results will be posted here in this thread at the end of the time period
  • Please allow up to a day after the time period ends for the results, and another day before the next puzzles come in. I need to have time to look at all answers as well as come up with new things ok

*because seriously I have mentioned this about five times now if someone gets it wrong then they clearly did not read anything


  • Solve the puzzle by using a program where you can draw on it, such as paint.
  • Then send the solved picture to BinaryPeaches
  • Again, make sure that none of the lines cross over each other. Each evolutionary line can be completed without doing so.


  • Send in your list of answers to BinaryPeaches
  • Uh I don't think there is really anything else for rhymes
  • Except no hints. There aren't that many Ice Pokemon so it shouldn't be too hard. ♥

Puzzle 1 - PokeLinks

Type: Flying


Puzzle 2 - Pokerhymes

Type: Ice

  • With a vital spirit and a lack of sleep, I'll deliver you presents from Snowpoint peak.
  • I need an ancient power to sharpen my tusks, if you need to be effective then my types are a must.
  • Though I don't start with ice I do highly resist it, fear the sheer cold I'm the first one to learn it.
  • Some call me a legend whilst I live with pressure, I'm a mind reader so FREEZE and I'll getcha.
  • I'm not like them as I change with the weather, sun rain and snow I'll use them together.
  • Rock and steel, ice and a leader, I'm the iceberg, but I'm far from a speeder.
  • A razor at night and I'll give you a fright, my sharp claw will hurt much more than a bite.
  • Smash my shell when I'm given a stone, setting up with my spikes will drive you to moan.
  • I'll stamp my love right onto your heart, dry skin and a fist couldn't keep me apart.
  • As the original surfer I'll take you to shore, I'm a Friday treat but my agility is poor.

at night i rule
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