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    Reginard Asphos and some other Characters

    Reginard took in another deep breath as the others already went out ahead and began clearing a sort of path through the camp. There were many soldiers surrounding them still, so Reginard's first priority was to make sure they could even the odds a bit more. He reached out to grab a Magmar with his mind and flung him back to hit into a Bayleef. To say that the Bayleef was midly surprised was a dramatic understatement. As he turned away from the panicked screams he turned his attention to the river. He levitated out a ball of water and sidestepped as a Charmeleon attempted to bite him. He threw the ball over and drenched the Charmeleon's tail. The fire type let out a death scream as he thrashed on the ground before finally laying silently, the tip of his tail letting out just a bit of smoke.

    The Alakazam made a quick port over to a tent and gave it a psychic push. In fact as he came upon the various living quarters and important sites in the camp he just gave them all psychic pushes to make sure their usefullness would cease.

    He reached out with his mind, frowning as he felt the others all close to a pokemon he coudln't identify. If he couldn't identify it.... then it had to be a dark type... which meant... ah, yes, him. Well he couldn't do much against a Krookodile, so he would leave that up to the others. They had him outnumbered anyway, so it would be a quick match and then they could leave this bloody forest.

    As he raised a hand to cause a bit more chaos he saw a strange shape up in the sky. Reginard slowly lowered his hand a bit, frowning as the cloud got closer and closer. He could see... Mukrows.

    Power... so... much... power...

    Reginard's eyes widened as he heard the voice. Odd.... it sounded so... familar.

    Heroes... come to witness Duskwood... burn... time ticks... Tick, tock... hahahaha...

    Suddenly a very harsh pain hit his mind hard, casuing him to drop his staff and spoon and grip his head in agony. This time it was far worse... almost as if someone was splittling his head open and proceeding to stick all manner of pins into his brain. The pain lasted a while longer before he finally fell unto the ground unconscious.

    The dark was so thick, it was impenetrable. It smelled like an animal had died in there. A voice was whispering up ahead, saying the same thing, over and over again... his title.

    "Chronicler of Tales..." the hissing whisper echoed in his mind, sighing in a strange manner, "Chronicler of Tales... Chronicler of Tales..."

    A massive shadow was standing in front of him. For a split second, the frantic screams of Murkrows pierced his mind like a spike. The Murkrows... they were all around him. Their red eyes blinked at the same time, leaving him into the dark for a mere moment before they opened again. The whisper changed tune.

    "Give me back... what is rightfully mine."

    "W-What?" He croaked out. His mind screamed in agony that worked to destroy any focus that he had on the figure. "P-Please... stop..." He cried out, on the verge of begging to cause this agony to stop.

    "Stop?" the chilly whisper resonated, then a loud laughter broke, the same, dead laughter as before... The Murkrows screamed again, painfully ringing his ears. "This is only the beginning. The disc, Reginard. Where is the disc?"

    He clutched his head even more and looked up through teary eyes to see one eye from this dark figure. An eye that he first thought was green, but as he blinked his eyes he saw that it was now purple that quickly changed to red, and as the pain kept ringing in his ears and the darkness crept in around him he could have sworn the eye was green once more. The hooded shadow in front of him took a deep, ragged breath, as if sucking the life out of him.

    Suddenly... the pain stopped. Reginard's eyes shot open and he quickly glanced around. He was on the ground and alone. He could hear the sound of battle taking place close by, so he quickly got back up, a bit surprised that he could move so quickly considering the pain in his head but moments ago. He closed his eyes as he let out a few shaky breaths, then he quickly felt for the others. What he felt wasn't good. It was power... too much power! If that power was unleashed, they'd all be as good as dead. He felt their coordinates and in an instant teleported to them, before grabbing a hold of all the heroes. He once more ported away and to the Forest's Heart, though he fell to a knee as he did so.

    "You idiots! Did you not realize how close to death you were!?" He snapped angrily. He huffed and coughed a bit, "You can't take that thing on. We need to move. Now. I don't care if we get the plate or not. If we stay here for too long we're all dead!"

    "Blimey," Tsulong shouted out. The Forest's Heart was a hellish maze of flames. They were watching from afar, the Giant Tree and all the lesser trees around it engulfed in flames. The area was filled in black clouds that were either smoke or Murkrows, flying about like vultures. Screams of the dying were coming from further on in the valley. Then...

    "Where is the barrier?" Faolan shouted, turning to Reginard, grabbing his shoulders and looking deeply in his eyes. "Where is the barrier?" he asked again, shaking the Alakazam.

    Reginard turned his attention upon the barrier, and frowned, "It's... it's shrunk!" He shook his head, "No... impossible! We set it up! It... it couldn't have..." He broke free of the Mienshao's grasp, "Something... something must have interrupted it..."

    "There," Tsulong gasped. The dark clouds had parted, and the heroes could now see where the psychic barrier was: at the base of the Giant Tree. "What in the seven hells is going on in there?"

    There, inside the barrier, a tall, hooded figure was standing at the border, staring directly at them. It had a single eye that was changing colors, green, purple, red, green...
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