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Summary: Finally we go for our trip :D
Last night after your birthday Professor VISIT THE OAK said his lab the next morning
Once we find a student assistant of the professor who once asked where it was OAK we will respond to go in the path 1 where he was doing some research.
As we go in the path 1 stops us our childhood best friend, as well as the son of a professor.
Once you understand that the professor has never had an assistant we will go frette and fury in the laboratory where our beloved student assistant will expose you to be a recruit of the team rocket.
We will try to chase but will escape.
Now the most important thing is to discover what made ​​the recruits and where is the professor

2 users would like to thank in particular:

Trafalgar or Neker x'D that gave me a hand with a routine ^ ^
Shinyquagsire for having solved some doubts sull'asm

As usual comments and suggestions are welcome Until next time
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