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Originally Posted by Daughter of Dawn View Post

I dare you to become a [extracted] for a week.

(Ha I don't know who barney is)
Then do not post if you are not to do the dare. Since they didn't specify I'm guessing that you could have picked any barney and went with that and still have done it. I know you made this game, but it's just a general rule not to cheat, right? If you were playing this game in real life they would have corrected themselves or you would have ask specifically what they wanted if they weren't specific enough. Keep that in mind while playing it here as well.

Also I'll be changing your "dare" to something more respectful. Next time please say it in a way so you don't disrespect anyone next time. While you made this game it's not an original concept and it definitely doesn't allow you to do whatever you want.

Originally Posted by Scyke View Post
He probably meant Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.

Btw I'm not participating, just pointing out something.
Thank you for the inquiry, but next time try to also post about the game as well when you post something outside of the game. And if you weren't going to participate you could have sent them a VM instead of posting. Thank you. ♥

Guys this game isn't running very smoothly. In your dares try to be specific, and don't sidestep dares just because you don't understand them. That would be known as cheating and no one likes that. So please play the game correctly. Thank you!

To start off this game on a better note:

I dare the next user to have 'Lord of Muffins' as their usertitle for a week.
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