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I've been waiting to see these two pop up on here

Both of these characters are great. I've played just about every game that they're in and have enjoyed all of them. They both have great abilities and are fun to play as.


Elemental Breath
Appears In Current Games

Bad Jump Height
No Jump Damage


Double Jump
Body Slam
Aku Aku
Racing Spinoffs

Dies Easier
Aku Aku Is Harder to Spawn Than Sparx

Even though they are both evenly matched, I have to say Spyro is better. The Spyro games are always fun to replay. The stories are better than Crash's games and the level designs are much more varied than the Crash series'. Another plus is that Spyro games take much longer to complete than Crash games. There are, however, two things that Crash has over Spyro: a better soundtrack and the racing spinoffs. CTR and CNK are both in my top five racing games of all time and the music from the games are very good to the ears.

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