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Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Corronis

Things happened quickly Allora anounced Paladin's death... however Accatosh doubted it... he would know for sure if he was dead, he knew that their bond would be broken if the Golurk had died... unless something else happened and he didn't notice it. Accatosh didn't focus on that however as the Gold Tribe were dismissed and he listened to the General's address.

Accatosh was moved by the address and he could tell that the soldiers were moved as well. He gethered the remains of what he needed, his wounds being mostly healed. Veltra visited him, "just like old times isn't it," she asked referring to when he left at the start of this war. "yes... just like old times, but this time things are going to be different... Listen don't go with the Affiliates, go look for Skyfall, yes, that legendary city." Veltra thought for a moment then she nodded understanding, "alright I'll go look for it, with hopes it can be found and well you know the rest." Accatosh nodded and watched as she left to gather her things.

Time passed and soon everybody left, Accatosh was flying most of the time, taking a look at the ground below, and at the lake, he hoped that this plan worked... that peace will be restored to the land.

Accatosh a few days later saw that the scouting party of the remnants of the Thieves, had as it appeared bumped into trouble, as he flew over head he saw one backed in between a rock and a Sabeleye, talk about being between a rock and a hard place. there was no real time to think so he acted, he got in position, aimed for the Sabeleye and fired a weak Fire Blast at the ghost's face, then he prepared to swoop in and grab the other pokemon, a Sneasel, he outstretched his talons, to grab the Sneasel by the shoulders and leave.