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Originally Posted by anhlong1122 View Post
Even so, I think it is still too weak as it is a Super effective and Infernape have pretty good Atk

It start at Rank 16 mate
Even after this, the legendaries isn't easy noticeables, look at for more tips.

Originally Posted by ZekromX View Post
How did you make the pokemon shop and local trade thing???
The Pokémon Shop I used the command to give a pokémon to the player with eventing, plus some small changes like Cherish Ball.

The LTS I use the trade command plus eventing and some small changes (by script) to easily show the "Ok" message when the trade is done and better data organization.

Originally Posted by audinowho View Post
hm... how would I be able to change shaymin to sky form, if it's in the game?
Yes! Just use Gracidea (a key item)!
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