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    Originally Posted by el lloydie View Post
    A couple of other minor things I thought I should point out.

    1. Just as I was about to enter Spear Pillar, there was an NPC identical to my player character. Trying to talk to him froze my game.

    2. The route with Latios and Latias. The overworld sprites were fine but both battles were with Latias.
    Ah shoot. The NPC was from when I was trying to get something to work. Thought I'd gotten rid of it. The Lati thing was an error I thought had been corrected. Both are fixed now.

    Okay, I'm happy to announce that the next Patch is available. Why is it 2.0 instead of 1.5? Well, this is the second major release of this hack. Challenge Mode, the increased difficulty version, is now available.
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