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    Hello everyone! I have a deep question(or at least, what I consider deep). We are all given six slots to place Pokemon in our teams to carry around to battle with, and of course a mere six Pokemon is very small considering that we will have over 700 Pokemon soon.

    So the question is, how did you go about choosing your Pokemon Team? How long have you been using that certain team? What were your thoughts when trying to create it? Do you switch out your team(or maybe switch a few Pokemon) often?

    I've been playing Pokemon since the 90's when Red and Blue came out in America, and I always started over my game after I beat the Elite Four(mostly because you couldn't battle trainers twice). My team switched with every reset, experimenting with all the 151 Pokemon in the game.

    As I grew older I tried for so many years to have a mono-type team, and those switched constantly as well. It wasn't until recently that mono-teams aren't for me because even though you love the type, you may not love every single Pokemon in that type. You may not even like enough to make a team of six!

    If you look at my signature, you will see my current team and I feel that I will have this team for a long time. I chose Blastoise, Magmortar, Venusaur and Golurk because I perceive them to be "Cannon" Pokemon. Either by their appearance or how they attack they represent a living cannon. Now don't ask me why I love cannons because I don't know, I just think that they're darn cool .

    Ever since I was a small kid I loved trains so this is where my Dusknoir comes in. Dusknoir reminds me of a train station worker with his appearance and Dusknoir also attacks by opening up his stomach-face a lot of the time which also represents some kind of cannon-like appearance. My favorite Holiday is Halloween which is why my favorite type is the Ghost type. You may have noticed that I have two ghost types in my team .

    And finally I have dunsparce. He's in there because I connect with this Pokemon the most, he's my favorite because he's so derpy and cute :3. He has to be in my team no matter what, you could say that he's my pokemon as Pikachu is to Ash.

    So there you have it. What about all of you?
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