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    Originally Posted by BeefTaco View Post
    I'm really hoping we get a Fire-type Gym Leader this gen(as cool as Blaine I hope). We have 4 confirmed gym leaders right now: Bug, Fighting(probably), Electric(probably) and the last one is unknown. Id say the last one Grant is probably gonna be a Rock-type Gym Leader since he's a rock climber but he is describe to be good in a variety of sports so he could be Normal-type Gym Leader.

    For the last 4 like I said, I want one of them to be Fire-type and a Fairy-type Gym Leader would be cool as well. I'm fine with any type on the last 2.
    Korina is a Fighting type for sure since her Gym Badge is a fist!

    It is really possible that we will have a Fire Gym Leader since we saw those fire pillars in the announcement trailer.

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