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Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
People could of said that about gen one.
In terms of legendary pokemon , there are many of the same species so they kinda have to be able to breed right?

And in terms of not haveing genders I think it's kinda stupid to be gender less but to still be able to breed with something else am I right . And in terms of sense lets look at female machoke and Machamp
Now that's just stupid GF should of created a female counter part for that one .
First off, part of your post doesn't even make sense. Namely your first sentence. oO; Anyway..

If you're trying to correlate this with the anime, then I think you're forgetting that games =/= anime. They're kind of like in two different universes, if that makes sense. Only one of a kind can exist in the games, I believe (I can very well be missing something but that's the general thing with legendary Pokemon).

I don't think it's "stupid" to be genderless in any case, but hey, one person's opinion.

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