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Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
Well I just assume that the mewtwo that we saw in gen 1 isn't the same we will catch in gen6
I assume the 3 shiny dog pokemon are diffrent than the one we get in game
I assume the heatran and cresscilia we get in gen 4 is different than the ones we get in gen 5
I assume the spirit trio from D/P are different than the ones we see in BW 2
I assume the regi trio we get in gen 3 are different than the ones we can get in gen 4 and in gen5
I assume the bird trio we get in gen 1 and 3 are different than the ones we get in gen 4 Platinum and the remakes
I assume the main legendary pokemon we get inR/S/E are not the same as the ones we get in HG/SS

But hey maybe the games don't correlate with other games so I can be wrong

Oh and since you couldn't understand the first sentence , it basicly ment the no pokemon had genders in generation 1. I understood why they changed it. So I figure since they are restructuring part of the mechanics this gen why not the genderless
Okay, so answer this: why can't there be more than one without them actually reproducing? Why is it, according to you, that everything has to breed? You can only catch the Regi trio once in R/S/E. Same with HG/SS. You can catch Kyogre and Groudon once in R/S/E. Same thing in HG/SS. It's a one of a kind deal in one game, but there can be multiple Pokemon. It could possibly be sorcery for all we know, but that's the way that GF intended it, so we have to deal with it.

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