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Originally Posted by fenyx4 View Post
Excluding the Pokemon World Tournament, are you able to re-battle Gym Leaders (in their own Gyms) or 'notable' NPCs in a fixed area in Black 2/White 2? (like Emerald Version's rematches with the Gym Leaders and Rival Wally)...? From what I've read, rematches don't exist at all in BW (save for the Elite 4 and Champion)... Thanks in advance.

No you can't rematch Gym Leaders outside of the PWT, but there are rematches in some areas with these Trainers:

  • Colress (Plasma Frigate at P2 Lab)
  • Cilan, Chili & Cress (Striaton Cafe)
  • N (N's Castle, rematched once per season)
  • Shadow Triad (Icirrus City, rematched once per season)
  • Trainers in Big Stadium & Small Court in Nimbasa City)
  • All Pokemon Breeders (rematched whenever you walk past them)
  • Elite Four and Champion Iris (they will have higher levels and changed teams)

That's the ones I'm aware of, but someone might want to add something else in.


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