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It's 3 albums for me:

Arctic Monkeys - AM. The new one, it's rather good (When are the Arctic Monkeys not?), really makes me wish I could go see them when they tour...sadly ticket touts got all the tickets and they now all sell at 2x face value but watcha gonna do? Particularly liking "Arabella", will be listening to that a lot in the next few weeks.
The 1975 - The 1975. A lot better than I expected, actually. The EPs tended to have 1-2/4 songs being good, I don't really think there's a bad one on this album. Girls is surprisingly enjoyable - I didn't like it that much when I heard it live, but it sounds a lot better on a CD with better sound quality than a festival tent.
Bastille - Bad Blood. Like the other two, this is one where I really like every song, possibly a new favourite band. Seeing them live twice might have helped a little, as I now can't be sad whilst listening to Bastille, but it does help that they're really good. Obviously there's Pompeii, and Weight of Living Pt.2 from FIFA13 (Pt.1, the "hidden track" is pretty good too). In fact they're all good, so I'll only mention one more - Icarus is one I kinda ignored somehow, but its really grown on me. Any Americans reading this, apparently they're touring your country soon, I'd go see them, they're really good live.

Also listening to a bit of Imagine Dragons, again partially due to a live performance and partially due to FIFA. I only have the two songs On Top of the World and Radioactive but they are both really, really catchy. Catchy as in knew all the words just because I listened to it passively whilst playing FIFA.
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