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Chaos's Mind

"You're not really dead. But then, I suppose you are. It depends on how you look at it. One thing's for sure: you're a part of me now."

"What the hell are you?!"

"I am... incomplete. I'm still trapped in that wretched stone..."

"The Silver Crystal."

"Yes. That. Until I escape, all I can do is send out smaller parts of me to do my will through certain... individuals. Not only you, Paladin. A piece of me resides in those you call Sentinels, just waiting to be released. I control them, and they're not even aware of it. However, I haven't been able to take them over completely, like I have with you. That will require more time."

"Why me? What's so special about me?"

"Nothing. I chose you because of your ability to cause chaos. I mean, look at you. You're a walking, talking bomb with incredible force. What better tool for destruction? And with my help, you'll become ten times more ferocious!

"The Sentinels. Why not them?"

"As I said, that will require more time. With them, it's difficult because their minds are so... full, you know? With you, it's different. Your good friend Allora made sure that your mind was empty and void, so that I could step in and take over."


"Yes. In essence, this is all her fault."

"Shut up, you bastard! You caused this!"

"Of course I did. But are you any less guilty? That fight with Sovereign had nothing to do with me until you started getting your skull bashed in. I had to step in because I still needed you."

"Yes. I know I am guilty. I regret it all."

"I sure as hell don't! It was fun! HAHAHA!"

"Shut up!"

"I was just a seed at first. A seed planted by the Silver Crystal in your soul. And I grew. Your hate, your sadness, your loss was my fuel as I grew on you, Paladin."

Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap.

"Ah! Finally! There it is! Now... let the fun begin!

Silver City Torturehouse

"It seems you were the only thing we got out of this battle, my friend," Sentry said as he stared up at the large Golurk's blank face. "Let's hope Auron was right about you."

Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap.

"It is done."

At first, the Golurk did not move, and Sentry wondered if he had done it right. However, soon, he noticed something beginning to protrude from Paladin's back. Upon close inspection, they appeared to be black tendrils reaching out slowly and wrapping around Paladin's entire body. Eventually, he was completely covered by the dark, rope-like tendrils, as if he was in a cocoon of some sort. The cocoon stood still for a few minutes, before it began to react. Sentry stepped back as it appeared Paladin was struggling from the inside, trying to break out of the cocoon. It violently thrashed about as it grew bigger and bigger.

"Do you remember this place, Paladin? This is where the other side was born. And this is where you shall be reborn!"

The thrashing stopped, and the cocoon quickly dissipated into a cloud of smoke that filled the entire torturehouse. It was difficult for Sentry to see clearly, but he saw a giant, shadowy figure in the mist. At some point, a Pokemon must have used Defog, because the smoke cleared away, revealing a most intimidating sight.

There stood a new Pokemon. A Golurk with red shining eyes that burned with a desire for chaos, and a metallic black body that absorbed all that was light and good.

"You can call me The Blackguard, b*tches!"