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Plains of Valkaria - The Mountain Side

The armies made their way through the mountain pass. Thus far, things were quiet. They passed through the area with little interference. Zane was on alert the entire time, though. He expected something to pop up and surprise them. He had to be ready in case it did, but surprisingly, the path through the mountains was uneventful. That didn't make Zane any less nervous for what was to come. He remembered the path well, having taken in so many times before on his trips to Gold City. Before the war. Before the invasions. The mountain path would curve to the left, and when the last of the boulders would exit their views, in the far distance, the shining Gold City would have been in view, as well as the entire clearing of the plains around it. It would be a straight path from there.

Zane wasn't sure what to think about the situation. He had not seen Gold City in almost 7 months now. The last time he saw it was in the final defense, where the Gold Tribe had ultimately failed in defending their home, where only he and a handful of other Gold Tribe members escaped where hundreds of others fell in battle, including their leader Rey. For a moment, he wondered if it was even there anymore. What if Auron had decided to destroy it and leave a big crater where it once stood?

But as they passed through the mountains, everything was in his view. The golden and sometimes green plains danced along the ground in the wind, moving to its beat. Yet their beat was interrupted by another force which occupied them. Built at some point in the last 6 months was the crude, yet abnormally large building right on the plains. It was the Silver City torturehouse, a building of cruelty, pain, and misery. It was a blight upon Valkaria, and the first part in the last step to bring an end to the Silver Tribe.

Directly in front of Zane and the army was a vast sea of forces, Pokemon standing in wait. They were arranged in a uniform fashion, perfectly aligned as most soldiers were. The discipline of the Ancients could not be denied, for all their actions they had cost, they had at least that. Yet that discipline was fed to them by another entity, it was not something they learned themselves. These Ancient surrounded the torturehouse, waiting for the Alpha Alliance to come.

And behind those two obstacles, a third object could be seen amongst the vast plains surrounded by the mountains of Valkaria. Far in the distance, the tall structures of Gold City, which was now distastefully renamed Silver City, were present. From this far distance, it appeared exactly the same as he remembered it months ago. It was their capital, all Gold Tribe member's unofficial home. It was once a place of deep pride, a shining beacon for all of the Pokemon of the world of their character. Of the heroism, hope and goodness Pokemon were capable of. Then, it was taken by darkness.

And now, only now would they finally be able to take it all back. Yet before Gold City would be theirs again, they would have to defeat the Ancient army in front of them, and also liberate the torturehouse and save the Pokemon trapped inside. Even from this distance, Zane could see they were sorely outnumbered. They had the advantage of fighting on two fronts now, but even with both of their armies put together, the Ancients had probably double the forces they had, and that was being generous. The Alpha Alliance had the Gold Tribe, some thieves, and the Affiliates, true, but the Silver Tribe still had the Sentinels, however many remained. They were still not to be taken lightly.

General Belas shouted for the army to halt, and instantly officers shouted through the plains, causing the Pokemon to stop abruptly. Some looked on to their enemies numbers with fear. Others held looks of angry and rage. Some had confidence, some had sadness. But all were determined to see it all come to an end. And end it would, one way or the other.

Silently, the two armies faced off with one another. Zane examined the army, and possible placed that they defense might be weaker to attack, yet it didn't seem like they had any weak ends on this side. Maybe the lakeside force would have more luck. Then, a Pokemon began approaching to the front of the Ancient army. It was an Aerodactyl, yet large than any other around, and with a scar traveling across the left side of his jaw. He had seen this Pokemon before, during the Gold City invasion. The Gold Tribe had learned this was the General of the Ancient armies, a Pokemon with ferocity to match a Sentinel. He had led the Ancients through the capital with the help of the Sentinels and Auron. Zane had actually thought this Pokemon had died. He had faced him once before, with the help of Rey. In fact, it was Rey who had given the large beast that cut along his face. The Gold Tribe had begun calling this beast Rector.

Rector stood at the front of the army, before letting out a mighty roar, which the Alpha Alliance had heard clearly from the other side of the plains. Then, the stomping began. With their feet, and their paws, and claws and hooves, the Ancients pounded on the grounds in unison, the entire plains beginning to shake. It was like war drums, beating before what would surely be the most crucial battle of their time. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. The Ancients dropped their steps in unison. Zane looked around at some of the others, seeing their reaction to this. To some of the Alpha Alliance, they looked more fearful because of it. To others, they appeared even more determined. The Gold Tribe were among the determined. They saw what lies ahead, what they were fighting for. Not just the bricks, and marble, and wood, and stone of the cities they lived in, but also for the Pokemon who occupied them. That was always their message, even if they might have sidetracked from it before. Now, more than ever, the Gold Tribe had to stick by that message.

"Well, this is it," He heard Gallant say to the other Gold Tribe members. Gallant walked up to Zane and Guardia, who stood by each other. "I just wanted to say, for everything that's happen, I know Rey would have been proud of you. Of both of you." Zane closed his eyes and nodded, seeing the face of the former Gold Tribe leader in his mind. He opened them and noticed Guardia, deep in thought as she too remember her father and all other Gold Tribe members who fell along the way.

"We'll take back our home, and we'll finally give our brothers and sisters their rest in the afterlife," Zane said, as he place his arm on her shoulder. Up ahead, Belas walked forward to stare off at the stomping Ancients.

"I never demanded any of you to march with us!" Belas boomed to the silent army, the stomping of the Ancient ever apparent in the background. "I only ever did ask you to come, and you all came out of your own desire! You made this possible! We have payed for the liberation of Valkaria with many of our lives. They were friends, brothers, sisters, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters. They were us!" Belas pointed at the army. "That is the final step! We bring them down, and Valkaria is ours! March with me, one final time, comrades!"

From the Ancient's side, the Deceiver watch from the opened door of the torturehouse, eager to see how the war would begin. For the moment, the noise that occupied the area came all from the stomping of the Ancient armies. Then, all at once, thousands of Pokemon cried out from the other side. This explosion of noise brought a deep grin to the Gengar's face. "So, the Alpha Alliance has come! Heeheehee!" He cackled, disappearing back into the torturehouse.

Together, the Alpha Alliance forces marched forward at the command of Belas, who charged with them. They would never be more determined than they were at this moment. They would never be more alive than they were at this moment. The Ancients too, at the command of Rector, also charged forward. The two sides raced across the plains at each other, ready to commence the action.


Across the torturehouse, the Pokemon crossing the Lake of Lull had finally made their way to the other side, hammering at the Ancients positioned there, and proceeding onto the back of the armies, where plenty more Ancients awaited. Hazone touched onto the ground and let off the Gallade who he carried, and joined the rest of the aerial forces, while the two additional Gold Tribe forces joined alongside the armies after seeing the sights before them, including their long lost home.

On both fronts, the Alpha Alliance had collided with the Silver Tribe forces. The final battle for Valkaria had begun.

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