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Starter Evolutions, New Pokémon and More! -- October CoroCoro

October's issue of CoroCoro provided us with a handful of new Pokémon, the long awaited Starter evolutions and more!

The Starter Evolutions

  • Hariboogu is Chespin's evolution, it is a Grass-type and learns the move Mud Shot
  • Teerunaa is Fennekin's evolution, it is a Fire-type and learns the move Psycho Cut
  • Gekogashira is Froakie's evolution, it is a Water-type and learns the move Bounce

New Pokémon

October's issue of CoroCoro provided us with some interesting Pokémon, let's take a look.
  • Nyaonikusu is a Psychic-type Cat Pokémon, it has both a Male and Female forme which differ in apparence and ability. The female is more aggresive and can learn the move Extrasensory, whereas the Male is more supportive and can learn the move Miracle Eye.
  • Torimian is a White Dog Pokémon which we saw in the Pokémon Direct trailer earlier in the month, it is a Normal-type and has the ability Fur Coat which halves damage done by Physical based moves. Torimian learns a new Fairy-type move called Puppy Dog Eyes which involves repeatably pressing the "A" button resulting in lowering the foes Attack stat. It is also said that you can groom and change the colour and appearance of this Pokémon somehow.
  • Chigorasu is one of the two Fossil Pokémon found in the Kalos Region, it is a Rock/Dragon Pokémon and has the ability Sturdy Jaw which increases the power of moves used by the Jaw i.e Crunch, Ice Fang etc.
  • Amarusu is the second of our Fossil Pokémon, it is a Rock/Ice Pokémon and knows the ability Freeze Skin which turns Normal-type moves into Ice-type moves and raises the power.
  • Pyroar appears to be Litleo's evolution which was accidentally been revealed by IGN, it is a Fire/Normal-type and knows the abilities Unnerve and Rivalry. It can learn the move Echoed Voice and is classed as the Royal Pokémon.

More Mega Evolutions

  • Mega Mewtwo X is a second Mega Evolution of Mewtwo which is exclusive to Pokémon X with the other being exclusive to Pokémon Y. It is Psychic/Fighting-type and has the ability Steadfast.
  • Mega Garchomp gains the ability Sand Force


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