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    Imo they are:

    Gen 1 -

    I think these Pokemon are really overrated. Charizard is overhyped because Ash owns one and that particular charizard defeated things like Noland's Articuno. However, in-game Charizard is trash. Yeah yeah it has Solar Power but that ability is a Dream World one and even with that it still sucks competitively because of Stealth Rock and the fact that Drizzle and Sand Stream exist (and they are way more popular than sun.) Pikachu... blah blah it's the mascot of Pokemon blah blah. Dugtrio might have arena trap but it's just too weak to do its job of winning weather wars, I think Gothitelle's better at that job. Cloyster has Shell Smash but it has way too many difficulties to set up due to that pathetic special defense. Eevee, Vaporeon and Jolteon (not Flareon) are also overrated because they are "cute" and strong, but Vaporeon and Jolteon really suck competitively (I don't care if they are OU, they are C rank in the viability thread from Smogon while Pokes like Weavile and Stoutland, who aren't OU, are ranked higher). Mew is just plain overrated because once again it's "cute", has 100 base stats across the board and can learn almost any move in existence. However, it's just a "jack-of-all-trades, master of none". It may be unpredictable, yeah, but it doesn't deserve the love it gets.

    Gen 2 - (ESPECIALLY)

    I find Typloshion a bit overrated, since it's just a Charizard copy but without the quadruple weakness to Stealth Rock. Ampharos is also a bit overrated. Espeon and Umbreon definitely, there's nothing great about them. Sure Espeon has Magic Bounce, but Xatu is a much better Magic Bounce user due to its immunity to Ground, a quad resistance to Fighting, and Roost. Umbreon is a Pokemon I completely do not understand the love for. Yeah yeah it has enormous defenses, yeah yeah it looks cooler than the other Eeveelutions, yeah yeah it has Wish and stuff like that. However, its horrible attack stat makes sure Umbreon can't do jack ****, since even in-game you have to rely on Toxic, Payback and stuff like that. Competitively, the entire OU tier sets up on it. It IS good in UU, however. Shuckle might have enormous defenses but it also has a pathetic HP stat. Blissey... just no. It has to rely on Seismic Toss to do any significant damage, and it might have enormous special defense, but its physical defense is almost zero.
    And then there's Politoed. It's by far the most overrated Pokemon of Gen 2 since BW came out. The reason for this is because it got this ridiculous ability we call Drizzle. People need to wake up and realize sand is the best weather in OU, not rain.

    Gen 3:

    Blaziken and Gardevoir are extremely overrated and there's nothing great about them. Sure, Blaziken gets Speed Boost, but that ability is a Dream World one and in Wi-Fi battles you usually have the Blaze variant, which is outclassed by Infernape and even Emboar. Gardevoir might look like a princess but it still sucks and there are better Psychics out there. Flygon also suffers from the syndrome of being outclassed (in this case, Garchomp), but it's not as overrated as Blaziken and Gardevoir imo. Dusclops just plain sucks and Dusknoir's better than it even if Dusclops has Eviolite. It just isn't strong enough and it's so slow. Deoxys might look cool and might have an extremely expansive movepool and four forms, but it's overrated in Ubers, since Deoxys-A can't take a hit, Deoxys-S isn't all that powerful (it can still set up Stealth Rock and Spikes though), Deoxys-N is outclassed at what it tries to do and Deoxys-D is just... Well, Deoxys-D is actually not overrated.

    Gen 4:

    Torterra was overhyped at the beginning of DP, and it's still kinda overrated. It's Grass/Ground typing is not that great, 109 base attack is good but not too good for OU, and Torterra is just too slow. Piplup is just overrated. In fact almost all Pokemon Dawn owns in the anime are overrated. Rampardos... "OH WOW IT HAS 165 BASE ATTACK MUST USE IT!" And then you realize it's just so bad because of its speed and defenses and that BW2 introduced Kyurem-B, which is available in OU and is so much better. Gastrodon is a bit overrated because it may have Storm Drain to counter rain, but it fails to do its job most of the time from my experience. Ambipom just sucks in UU and is complete trash in OU, yeah it does have Technician Fake Out but it's such a small niche that it's not worth it, and there's also the fact that Dawn owned it. Spiritomb: "OMG IT HAS NO WEAKNESSES IT MUST BE UBER!!". However, it also has very few resistances, and it's as bulky as Dunsparce. As for Electivire? Anyone who played DP know how overrated it was. Electivire has extreme coverage, yes, but it doesn't have the power to muscle through the entire OU tier, and it's just too slow. Togekiss does have paraflinch at its disposal but Jirachi is a much better user of it because of its higher speed and its Steel-typing. Yanmega "OMG IT HAS SPEED BOOST!!!" and then "Crap, it's quad-weak to Stealth Rock, it sucks." Mamoswine is not as overrated as the others, but it still gets a little too much usage in my opinion. It has too many weaknesses and it's kinda slow (although it does have Ice Shard). Anyone who never played the games thinks Regigigas is the best Pokemon ever created. However, have you heard of something called Slow Start, guys? Darkrai is also a bit overrated. It's extremely good in Ubers, though. Arceus "OMG IT'S THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS IT MUST BE THE BEST POKEMON EVER!!" Yes, yes it is. However, it doesn't deserve so much praise, and Kyogre is a thing.

    Gen 5:


    bah v-create bah bolt strike bah blue flare
    Oshawott is kinda overrated because of Ash's one from the anime. Excadrill should have never been banned because it could be easily stopped by priority. Archeops is overrated because of its extreme attacking power, but did people forget about its terrible ability?
    Now Ferrothorn and Chandelure are by far the most overrated Pokemon of Gen 5. "OMG FERROTHORN HAS TWO WEAKNESSES AND AMAZING DEFENSES AND CAN SET UP STEALTH ROCK AND SPIKES AND CAN ANNOY MY OPPONENT WITH THUNDER WAVE OR LEECH SEED AND CAN EVEN ATTACK WITH POWER WHIP / GYRO BALL" or "OMG CHANDELURE HAS 145 SPECIAL ATTACK MUST USE IT ON MY SUN TEAM!!!" Haxorus suffers from the Kyurem-B outclassing syndrome, but come on, even before Kyurem-B was released Haxorus was still overrated because of its extreme base 147 attack stat and good speed. Volcarona is just plain overrated because it has Quiver Dance and great special attack, but still, it's too weak to stealth rock. Terrakion is the most overrated Fighting-type bar Blaziken that exists. bah 129 base attack bah close combat. It needs less usage. Kyurem-W looks stupid as hell, yet people fawn over it because of Turboblaze, 170 base special attack, STAB Draco Meteor...

    Now what about you?
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