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Perhaps the title was a little too dramatic, but, welcome to the Super Smash Bros. character battles, where here, you, the members of PC, see which Super Smash Brother character is your all time favourite, in a series of tournament pair-ups!

The rules are simple:
  • Each Week, there will be an opportunity to choose between Smash Bros Characters in a bracket. There will be pairings of these Smash Bros. Characters, and you can choose between one, or the other.
  • To vote, all you've got to do is C/P the whole bracket, and simply choose the character you like the most between the duo in bold.
  • At the end of the week, the characters in the pairings that have the most votes move on to the next round! And so, the new week will begin, and new pairings will be issued!
  • Oh, and whichever character wins, will be featured on the Video Games Splash, and will be created as a custom emblem!

Here, I'll give you an example of 5 pairings:

Toon Link vs. Samus
Mario vs. Ganondorf
Sonic vs. Ness
Luigi vs. Captain Olimar
Kirby vs. Marth

annnnd, these would be my votes:

Toon Link vs. Samus
Mario vs. Ganondorf
Sonic vs. Ness
Luigi vs. Captain Olimar
Kirby vs. Marth

I hope that makes sense! Feel free to give your reasons to why you chose the one character you voted other the other. :3 Now then! If everyone is ready, allow me to present you with round one:

Round 1:

Meta Knight vs. Wario
Peach vs. Wolf
Pichu vs. Ness
Mewtwo vs. Pikachu
Pokemon Trainer vs. Diddy Kong
Young Link vs. Ganondorf
Bowser vs. Captain Falcon
Mr. Game & Watch vs. Marth
Falco vs. R.O.B
Pit vs. Mario
Dr. Mario vs. Ice Climbers
Lucas vs. Zero Suit Samus
Jigglypuff vs. Fox
Kirby vs. Pikmin & Olimar
King Deedede vs. Sonic
Zelda vs. Ike
Lucario vs. Luigi
Yoshi vs. Samus
Toon Link vs. Snake
Sheik vs. Roy
Donkey Kong vs. Link

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