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    I can already tell Wario will never win this because members here are fatists despite having the best moveset in the game. :( And of course he gets paired with the most broken character in the whole series!

    Meta Knight vs. Wario (don't care of the match up Wario at least is fun! MK is for scrubs)
    Peach vs. Wolf (tough but Wolf bores me)
    Pichu vs. Ness (love Ness)
    Mewtwo vs. Pikachu (Pika is boring)
    Pokemon Trainer vs. Diddy Kong (Pokemon Trainer sucks ass, missed opportunity. They nailed Diddy and is one of the best characters.)
    Young Link vs. Ganondorf (Melee Dorf is fun)
    Bowser vs. Captain Falcon (Sticked with him across all three games even if he was nerfed to hell in Brawl)
    Mr. Game & Watch vs. Marth (hard but G&W is more fun for me, even if Marth is one of my favorite top tiers)
    Falco vs. R.O.B (Falco's my favorite top tier in Melee and I always preferred his playstyle over Fox's)
    Pit vs. Mario (I at least use Mario)
    Dr. Mario vs. Ice Climbers (this one was TOO hard but I main the Doc in Melee)
    Lucas vs. Zero Suit Samus (Hard but Lucas is more fun)
    Jigglypuff vs. Fox (The only Smash Bros master the series needs)
    Kirby vs. Pikmin & Olimar (boring vs fun. fun wins)
    King Deedede vs. Sonic (Sonic sucks ass in Brawl)
    Zelda vs. Ike (both suck but Ike at least is fun)
    Lucario vs. Luigi (Lucario's damn good but I have a soft spot for Luigi)
    Yoshi vs. Samus (Even if she was nerfed to one of the worst characters in Brawl she at least was good in a game and fun unlike Yoshi)
    Toon Link vs. Snake (Second best moveset vs a clone. Easy win.)
    Sheik vs. Roy (Roy sucks. All hail the original top tier)
    Donkey Kong vs. Link (DK's mid tier in all three games. Link's low tier in all three. Easy win for first member of the DK crew.)

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