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    Angelique Everett

    Finally, the time had arrived. The sun was slowly beginning to set, and the match was close to starting. Angelique and Julienne, both of whom had worked out their differences of Ling's dress and agreed that it was a frivolous argument, decided to do some last-minute accessory shopping at a neat little stand outside of the arena, which was being flooded by a crowd of people waiting in line to get their tickets stamped.

    Angelique looked over the many accessories that the patient elderly woman had lining the wooden top of the cart as Julienne tried on some cute earrings in the mirror that was on the small wooden beam that held up the cart's roof. "Julienne, I'm not really sure I need anything new. I've got tons of bracelets already."

    "Then don't buy a bracelet, girl." Julienne responded, trying to get the earring in the slot of her ear. "You always wear your hair in that boring ponytail; maybe you should get something new to switch it up."

    "Hmmm..." Angelique pondered that slightly - it was true that she hadn't really relieved her hair from its ponytail prison that often, usually only when she showers and sleeps. Maybe she needed a new look. She turned to the elderly lady and asked, "Got anything for hairstyles?"

    "Of course deary, in fact -" the woman reached to the far end of the cart and brought back a cute crimson headband. "- I think this would work best with that style of your's. Have you used one before?"

    "Yeah, and you know what, I think you have really good tastes." She laughed, taking the headband and going over to the other mirror. She undid her ponytail, letting her hair fall out over her shoulders and her bangs cover her forehead. She pushed them back and slid the headband into her hair, allowing her bangs to frame her face off while the rest of her hair took place behind her neck. She puffed up the hair just behind the headband to give it a bit more volume. "Wow... this is amazing. I'll definitely take it." She reached into her bag and grabbed a gold coin, placing it on the desk.

    "Sweetie, that's quite a bit for just a headband." The woman laughed, taking the coin. "Want anything else? I see you're really into your bracelets; I've got plenty of them to offer."

    "Guess I got nothing to lose." Angelique shrugged. She looked through a lot of the bracelets, trying to find one that didn't stick out against her already-mismatching-but-still-adorable headband. Her eye landed on a thick, black, rubber bracelet. Normally she'd ignore these, as she's likes the metal ones better, but this one seemed to stick out to her because it had a saying inscribed on it in white letters. She picked it up and held it to where she could read it. "Don’t be discouraged. It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock. Hm... I really like that quote. Who said that?"

    "I don't think I know, sweetie. But I agree, it's a great quote." The woman replied, smiling. "Would you like to buy that as well?"

    "Yes, I would love it." Angelique nodded, slipping the bracelet onto her mostly-barren left wrist, where few bands rested. "I guess it's still a bit much... Julienne, do you think this can cover your earrings too?"

    "Yup, should be fine. These are pretty cheap." Julienne replied, coming back over with the earrings now embedded into her ear. "Pretty good bargain if you ask me, lady. Stuff like this sells for a lot more in stores."

    "Oh, I don't worry too much about prices. I just like seeing people happy." The lady took the gold coin and dropped it into a sack of jingling coins before fishing out one silver and two bronze coins. She handed them to Angelique, who dropped them into the money pouch in her messenger back. "Thank you both for stopping here. You should hurry and get to that match before it starts!"

    "Ooh yeah, we should get going before someone steals our seats." Angelique joked, waving goodbye to the elderly lady as the two left. The girls immediately went over to the smaller line in the express lane, waiting for their chance to get in.

    After getting their tickets stamped, Angelique and Julienne finally got into the bustling lobby of the arena, where vendors dispensed numerous food items to eager and hungry patrons and groups of friends chattered about their seating arrangement. "Ugh, I'm so hungry. Do we still have enough money left? I wanna get some snacks."

    "Yep, we should be fine. My mom gave me some extra because she knows how much you eat, haha." Angelique handed Julienne another gold coin. She nodded as she ran off towards the Firebending Meat Station. Angelique fondly remembers trying to apply there; they rejected her because her fireball made the chicken explode, her fire breath made it melt, and she refused to touch it with her hands, all during one test run. That wasn't a pleasant day.

    "Well, look who it is."

    You have got to be kidding me. Angelique mentally groaned as the male voice sounded behind her; she immediately turned around to find Nolan awaiting her, a smirk across his face as he took in the displeasurable look on Angelique's face. "Go away, Nolan, or I'll burn your face off."

    He laughed, shaking his head to fix his annoyingly abundant and wavy hair. "You don't look happy to see me. Still so bitter over our breakup? I would guess that we'd be friends again by now."

    "Shut up." She griped, ready to punch the offending jerk in the face. "I don't have time for your stupid antics today. I'm here to see the match with Julienne, not deal with you."

    He quickly swiped up her hand, responding with, "But love, I'm here to see you," before she snatched her hand back roughly and scoffed. "I know you're still smitten with me, don't deny it."

    "Oh, I deny it. I'll deny it to my death if it means getting you as far away from me as possible." She growled, clenching her fist. She was honestly hoping that she wouldn't have to knock some sense into this moron, again, right in the middle of the arena lobby. Luckily, Julienne had graced the two with her presence and a nice, wrapped piece of cooked chicken. "There you are. I believe you remember Nolan."

    "Oh yeah, that idiot ex of your's that's duller than a bleached t-shirt." Julienne scowled at Nolan, who only smirked in response. "Listen, we're not here to start a fight, and we certainly wouldn't want to waste our energy on you and all your scum. How about you high tail it before I stick this chicken somewhere the sun don't shine?"

    Nolan laughed, shaking his head again, causing his hair to bounce around like a circus clown would. "You two are so amusing. Hope you enjoy the game. Angelique, try not to stare too hard at Kalden this time; I think it's noticeable." He walked off towards the left stand entrance; thankfully for her, it was the one opposite of where the two were sitting.

    It was true that Angelique, well, slightly had a crush on Kalden of the Force of Nature. Not like it was to the extent that she would have an entire shrine of him in her closet, but he wasn't too bad on the look side. Besides, she found his confidence in both himself and his teammates way more attractive that his looks (but again, they weren't too bad by her standards). Outside of the fact that she just really loved pro-bending, seeing Kalden in matches was almost a reason she came.

    "He's so stupid." Angelique scoffed, not minding that Julienne had already been indulging in the chicken rapidly after he left. "Me, a crush on Kalden? Yeah right."

    Oh yeah, it might have been useful to note that she was definitely on the fence about admitting that she thought Kalden was cute to Julienne, or anyone for that matter. So maybe it was a bigger crush than she let on. But it was still just that. Just a crush.

    Julienne swallowed her greasing mouthful of chicken to respond with, "We all know you like Kalden, Angelique. There's nothing wrong with that. Just admit it and stop acting like everyone that's ever met you doesn't already know."

    Angelique sighed angrily. "Let's go get our seats. I almost regret buying front row, because now I want to push you into the water."

    The girls took their place in their seat, watching the stands on the opposite side fill up quickly after a few minutes of sitting. "There's gonna be a huge crowd, I can tell." Angelique commented, looking around to see if anyone else she knew - and could stand - were here. Most of her friends weren't here, since not a lot of them liked Pro-Bending enough to spend the money a ticket would cost to get in. "Guess it's just us, girl."

    "The less, the merrier. That's what I say." Julienne laughed, elbowing Angelique in the arm. "And hey, at least jerkwater is sitting on the opposite side away from us. He could be sitting right next to you for all we care."

    "Yeah, haha. I hope no one annoying sits beside me. I don't think I could enjoy myself if I had to sit next to someone I hate."

    With that, the two girls began to patiently await for the match to start, watching the matienence people prep the platform in the center for battle.


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