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    I friggin LOVE supersmash bros. games lol

    Meta Knight vs. Wario
    Peach vs. Wolf
    Pichu vs. Ness
    Mewtwo vs. Pikachu
    Pokemon Trainer vs. Diddy Kong
    Young Link vs. Ganondorf
    Bowser vs. Captain Falcon(Now this is a toughie hmmm........gonna have to go with cpt. falcon )
    Mr. Game & Watch vs. Marth
    Falco vs. R.O.B
    Pit vs. Mario(pit is awsome but Ima still have to go with my fave char. mario lol)
    Dr. Mario vs. Ice Climbers(hmm.............tough one. dr. mario isnt as good as mario so I gues ice climbers?)
    Lucas vs. Zero Suit Samus
    Jigglypuff vs. Fox
    Kirby vs. Pikmin & Olimar
    King Deedede vs. Sonic
    Zelda vs. Ike
    Lucario vs. Luigi
    Yoshi vs. Samus
    Toon Link vs. Snake
    Sheik vs. Roy
    Donkey Kong vs. Link
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