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Originally Posted by elarmasecreta View Post
Coming up with triangles is something quite easy to do... things would be a lot more interesting if you come up with just two Pokemon to begin your journey with, or five.

Rock Ice Ground doesn't seem like a good triangle to me, since the majority of rock and ground type Pokemon have similar appearances and movesets.

Anyways, here are some ideas:
Three Pokemon:
Fire > Steel > Rock
Poison > Grass > Ground
Ice > Ground > Fire

Two Pokemon:
Water/Ice <> Grass
Ground/Psychic <> Grass/Poison
Steel/Ground <> Fire/Fighting
Normal/Flying <> Grass/Ice

Something even more interesting would be a triangle like Houndoom <> Breloom <> Claydol.

In my game, the starters are Poliwag and Ralts. A bit weird, you might think, but I'm kinda fed up with the "Rival picks Pokemon which has the type advantage over yours" concept.
I guess that would be cool to have two. It would be kinda interesting but you could do it where the two are supereffective on eachother like Ghost Ghost or Dragon Dragon but I do see where you're coming from with the multi-types... and I get what you mean with rock and ground having similar movesets, i didn't take that into account...

Originally Posted by joeyhugg View Post
Personally, I'm using the following triangle and pokemon:

Ice -> Ground -> Steel

Vanillite -> Trapinch -> Beldum
That was one I considered... didn't want to clog my post with every single triangle possible, there's around 10-20
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