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    Originally Posted by Sunfished View Post
    Okay wait, isn't a Dark Psychic Fighting not a triangle?

    Dark is immune to Psychic, which completely makes it not a triangle. Unless you want a bias type-choice, of course.

    Ice, Ground, and Steel are also biased, as Ground hits Ice normally.

    Here's a list of all possible triangles(without the fairy)

    And by neglecting the damage by cross-typing:

    Here's a list of possible Quads:

    And Pentagons:

    this was found at:

    This is, of course, if you were looking for legitimate triangles. That means that the type resists one and is super-effective against another.
    With Psychic not being able to hit Dark, you wouldn't ever use a grass move against a fire type starter, plus you could make it interesting and have the starters as
    Natu 4x effective on Croagunk who is 4x effective on Sneasel. Sneasel isn't 4x effective on Natu, but instead has two types both 2x effective, making up for the lack of Natu not hitting Sneasel with Psychic moves.

    Another thing, thanks for the fighitng flying rock one. Did not know that.

    Originally Posted by audinowho View Post
    Psypokes has an article on type loops like these. Given, it's a bit outdated now that XY are on the horizon, but a good read.
    Thanks for the link! Will be sure to check this out.
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