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Featuring your hosts, Brendino and Adventure!

What is Pokémon Polls?

Pokémon Polls (formerly known as Pokémon Voting Polls) is much like the name implies- a place to get other members' opinions about all things Pokémon! Threads here are typically “post and go” unlike the discussion based threads of Pokémon General, but rules of both PokéCommunity and Pokémon General are expected to be followed here as well. Make sure to give both of those a good read before posting here.

What should I know before posting here?

Pokémon Polls is unique in that it gives you the opportunity to ask your fellow members' opinion without having to worry about long discussions. While we’re a little more relaxed in this board, there are still some guidelines we ask you to follow to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their experience.

  • Bumping a thread that hasn’t been posted in for a month is against the rules. If you do a search and find there’s no active thread for a topic you’d like to discuss (and you determine you’re in the right section), please make a new one rather than reviving an old thread.
  • Thread titles should be relevant to the topic. Feel free to be creative, but for example, don’t mislead us by titling a thread “Best Region Ever!” and then proceed to ask our favorite cities for said region.
  • Don’t make overly specific threads. Instead of asking “Which of these three Water moves are your favorite?” why not ask “Which is your favorite Water type move?”
    • Also, please try and keep similar threads to a single topic. Rather than asking something like “Who’s your favorite female Gym Leader?” and “Who’s your favorite male Gym Leader?” across two threads, you could easily make one thread asking “Who are your favorite male and female Gym Leaders?”
  • Don't just list- expand on your answers! Don’t just tell us that Pikachu is your favorite Pokémon- tell us why! If you’re just listing or giving very short answers, your post may be deleted, and could be up for a warning or an infraction if it becomes a recurring issue.
  • If you see a thread breaking one of these rules, report it, even if you aren’t 100% sure. And please don’t mini-mod either (bringing attention to it through a post)- this isn’t any better than the person breaking the rule. Things get dealt with much faster through reports anyway, so everyone would appreciate it if you just did that instead. And if you’re unfamiliar, this is the report button:

Credits and Mentions

Rules written by Brendino, based on the previous rules written by Oryx, and Pokémon General’s rules.

If you’ve got any questions, comments, thoughts or ideas for either Pokémon Polls or Pokémon General, feel free to contact Brendino and/or Adventure via VM or PM.