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Davian Krotesse: Finally something to do.

Davian looked down at the bowl of liquid metal in front of him, rapidly cooling but still hot enough to melt the flesh off a reckless idiot. Normally he would wear his heat retardant gloves for such a task but he was in a rush and fairly confident in his blacksmith skills by now. He reached down towards the bowl and shaped his hands as if he were cupping an invisible object above the bowl and moved them upwards, the metal flowed up between his hands and began to move. He held his hand palm up underneath the mass of levitating metal and pulled upwards with his right hand until it held the basic shape of a person.

It was time to start really molding the blob, next Davian put a thumb right next to each side of it, about where someone's armpit would be and pulled outward to create extra bits of ooze and let them hang downward in an imitation of finger-less arms. Next he pulled a hunk out of the lower middle of the figure so it had something like legs instead of a slug tail.

Afterwards he began a much more complex and very rare to know process of shaping the metal into an almost perfectly detailed figurine. Water benders can make unrivaled ice sculptures, Earth benders can carve the most proud and solemn stone statues, for a while that was it, Metal bending is one of the least precise styles but it can be done. I can't really describe in good detail what he physically did throughout the rest of his work but that's not what's important anyways, what's important is he knew exactly what he wanted to make.

One thing all forms of art made from bending have in common is their amazing detail if they're done well but that always requires one thing, a perfect mental image of what you are creating. Luckily this was something Davian had already put a lot of thought into before hand and he was ready...besides it wasn't quite the first time he had done it. Around 15 minutes after the delicate work began Davian finally straightened his back and stretched to loosen up a bit before placing onto the pedestal of Firelord Zuko's statue a small metal figurine, completely free of deformities or impurities. The little statuette depicted a handsome and strong man pointing towards the sunset with a single edged sword that had a blade like a straight katana but a cutlass' hand guard with his right hand and his left hand next to his ribs holding a small flame.

It was good work...Exactly how he saw Bouho but...too small to do him justice, it did manage to look impressive when the sunlight gleamed a fiery orange off of the sword. Davian knelt down in front of the pedestal and it's two residents and clasped his hands as if in prayer. "One day I will give you a proper memorial...and I'll finish what we started...Until then I'll just have to hope you haven't given up on me yet." After a moment of silence he stood up again and realized the sun was almost finished setting. I suppose I should go now if I want to be in time for the pro bending match...I bet if he ever made it here he'd be at the top of their rosters by now...


Davian looked up at the arena, truly a magnificent building, not just a source of entertainment but a great way for Benders to improve their quality of life and even a great form of security even though nobody seemed to know it. If there was ever a problem the police couldn't deal with this very arena would ensure that at any given time Republic City was filled with Benders skilled in combat who could rush to help. He stepped up to the ticket man and resisted the urge to snicker at his uniform. "One for the first row please." The man looked at him for a moment as if in disbelief that someone dressed like the reprobate in front of him could afford a front row ticket to pro bending. "That will be-" Davian interrupted the quite mistaken ticket man by slamming three Veleri coins on his little counter. "Put whatever's left over towards wherever, I support the sport...excuse the rhyme." Swiped the ticket off of the counter and made his way inside without another word.

"27 A? That would be...Aw crap." He stopped dead at the sight of his seat, which just so happened to be next to the girls he had heard arguing at Central Station earlier...more specifically the louder one: Angelique. Hope I can actually HEAR the match. She didn't seem to notice him earlier at the station, the only thing that ever stood out about him was his eyes, so he just sat down as quietly as he could and looked forward in anticipation of the match.

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