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    A deck that i just randomly thought up a few mins ago. Completely in the planning stages of this deck, so just go with it.

    • 4-1-4 Infernape (Torment)
    • 2-2 Garbodor (Garbotoxin)
    • 0/2 Big basics
    • 4 Professor Juniper
    • 4 N
    • 4 Other supporters
    • 2 Super Rod
    • 3/5 Level/Ultra Ball
    • 4 Catcher
    • 2 Plasma Frigate
    • 4 Float Stones
    • 2/4 Silver Bangles/Mirrors
    • 1/2 Tool Scrappers
    • 3 Max potion
    • 4 Rare Candy
    • 8 Fire
    • 4 Plasma
    Basically all you have to do is get infernape up with 1 energy and torment things down 120 or less and knock out with malevolent fire. Attach 1 energy and go again. Anything with only 1 attack or an ability is made useless as soon 1 torment gets off. Sure they can retreat but, they can always retreat. Thus taking care of Deoxys, Darkrai, Keldeo, Blastoise, Virizion, Genesect, and a bunch other pokemon that are purely used for one of their attacks like Absol, Thundurus, Black Kyurem Ex, sableye, and so forth.

    With Garbotoxin in the mix, it shuts down blastoise decks, weakens VirGen/TDK decks. It also weakens of a bunch of rogue decks that focus on weird gimmicks like Trubbish, made even more in your favor with torment.

    Granted a 2nd step deck is never super consistent, but it only requires 1 energy to start and can still hit hard with only the cost of 2 energy.

    Any thoughts on what could go horribly wrong with this deck aside from lack of consistency? And i guess silver mirror... But what can you do against it aside from tool scrap it away.
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