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    If you're 19, I'm going to take a guess that you don't know English very well. Something that I did when I was younger and on forums is that I would originally write my longer posts in Microsoft Word and have Auto-correct try and fix it for me. It was a great way for me to catch on things quickly. Anyways, tell us more about your personal life. Where do you live? Are you in college? Do you have a job? How long have you played Pokemon? And are you excited for X & Y? Those are a lot of things people add to their introductions.

    Anyways, welcome to PC, Pereface! We are a really active and strong community, so you
    picked a good one. If you would like any help, you can ask anyone, but your best bet would be people with the Blue names. Especially Cirno! He's our best introductory staff and will make you feel welcome (:.
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