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I started to think that, but then I realized that I'm just getting older, and with that age comes "I know the type chart by now" lol. You also have to realize that the internet is actually more in gear than it was for the original games, and even the second batch of games. You can easily look up how to beat the game or get through areas by watching LPs or just looking on websites with walkthroughs. But hey, that's your choice if you want to avoid them.

There are more tutorials and such than there were back then. I remember Yellow threw you out in the world on your own and you have to figure stuff out for yourself. Black and White give you tutorials up your butt whether you want them or not. And for us older fans, that got really annoying really fast. But for younger players, it was helpful. We didn't deserve to get thrown out on Route 1 like old shoes when we were 5! I would have appreciated the help as a kid. :( I thought the point of Yellow was to get back Eevee, lol.

Where was I going with this, ugh...I think I made my point in there somewhere. Also want to mention I had a hard time with BW2. Trainers were more difficult in that game, imo. So no, I don't think they're really getting easier. We're just getting older and wiser and learning the ropes of the game better, and because the general formula of the game doesn't change, it makes it seem like they're easier. Compare that to a Zelda game where the basis stays the same, but the places, dungeons, and puzzles are different, it's not really the same case.

Did I make any sense? Ugh.

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